There are two components to e-invoicing billing:

1. Annual subscription to MessageXchange's e-invoicing Access Point ($50)

This is a yearly subscription which allows you to access the e-invoicing service.

2. Credits ($50 for 1,000 credits)

Credits are charged at $50 for 1,000 credits. 1 credit is 10kb, or part thereof, of data.

For your reference, and this is a guide only:

  • an average e-invoice with one line item is about 5kb
  • an average e-invoice with two line items is about 6kb
  • an average e-invoice with ten line items is about 15kb

And the good news is, we won't count the size of your attachments. So here are some scenarios:

  1. You send an e-invoice that's 12kb. This will consume 2 credits.
  2. You receive an e-invoice that's 9kb. This will consume 1 credit.
  3. You receive an e-invoice that's 12kb with n attachment that's 8kb. This will consume 2 credits.