This article contains details of the SSL certificate used for - including changes and updates to this certificate.


  • B2B (including AS2) clients connecting to using HTTPS
  • Some clients may be using this certificate in their configuration. If so, you may need to make changes when this certificate changes
  • The certificate chain may also change, and you may need to check that your system has the relevant intermediate and root certificates.

Not affected:

  • Web browser users are not affected by any changes to this certificate
  • Our ebms3 and beta test endpoints are also not affected by this certificate

Forthcoming/Recent changes:

2020-08-13 - the old certificate for was replaced:

Certificate details and download:


Old certificate

New certificate from 2020-08-13 08:30 AEST

Issued to

Certificate Authority


Sectigo - See

Valid from

2018-08-27 00:00 UTC

2020-07-28 00:00 UTC

Valid to

2020-08-26 23:59 UTC

2022-08-27 23:59 UTC

Thumb print



Certificate chain download