Warning: Mistakes in your product catalogue can cause missing and/or incorrect data on purchase orders and other messages.

Before making any changes to your product catalogue, you are advised to Export to CSV so you have a back-up copy. If any mistake is made you can import this back-up copy. If you have any questions on how this works let us know.

Additional charges will apply if you do not have a back-up copy and you require MessageXchange to re-create your product catalogue from our back-ups.

Management options

The Product Catalogue Maintenance screen gives you following options:

(A) Search products - Using one or more available search fields you can search an existing product in your product catalogue.

(B) Add product - The link at the bottom of the product catalogue allows you to add a single product by entering the product details.

(C) Edit product - Clicking on the Edit link beside the product takes you to the edit screen.

(D) Delete product - Clicking on the Delete link beside the product allows you to delete the product from the catalogue.
Import products - You can also import new products into your catalogue using the CSV template.

(F) Export products - The export to CSV option allows you to export all the products in the product catalogue into a CSV file format, suitable for opening and editing in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software.